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iohost is one of the Web Hosting Companies with the lowest response times when our clients need our assistance!

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Here in iohost, all our departments are working tirelessly as part of one great effort to introduce better Web Hosting Service. Like an actual ship, our company needs an excellent crew to exist, and often we use the word "crew" when referring to an actual department!

Technical Support

Technical Support

To answer the Technical Support demand of our customers, our Technical Support Fleet is 24/7/365 on client disposal with an average Ticket response time of 10 minutes! For common cases and knowledge in the Web Hosting Field, we can also offer technical tutorials covering nearly every aspect of the Web Hosting Service we offer!


Billing & Sales Team

Our Billing Fleet aims to assist and guide our clients when they have any Billing related inquiries such as Service Upgrades, Discounts, Cancellations, and so on. They are 24/7/365 available and will answer any Billing-related requests over our Ticketing System or over email at our [email protected] email address!

Abuse and DMCA

Abuse & DMCA Crew

Created to assist our customers when any incidents are affecting their Web Hosting Services, our Abuse Fleet is 24/7/236 on customers' disposal, and they can be reached over our Ticketing System only. As for any complaints in regards to hosted by iohost websites, those can be submitted to our [email protected] email address!